FireworksIT Terms and Conditions


FireworksIT, a professional website designer and developer with years of experience, has developed websites in various industries. Your website will be designed with lasted Adobe technology, software and google guideline, as well as other graphic tools, such as Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

FireworksIT Policy: Creative, Genuine, update and CMS.

Terms and conditions

Domain registrants

If you register a domain name with FireworksIT, you need to understand ICANN's Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities.

Your opinion and web standard

    During the design process, your opinion is very important, but if your opinion is in conflicts with web standard or design rules, in this case, the web standard and rules will come first, the reason will be explained.

Your website vs other websites

    You may refer to us other websites in your industry as reference, but reference is only reference. You can not request exactly the same as the other in whole or part.

Non Technical request

    Repeated changes are not productive and may attract additional charges. That is what we called is non technical request. This non technical requests are not within in our one year warranty and maintenance, it may attract additional charge to rectify.

Creative vs Copy and Paste

    FireworksIT takes creative policy as said above.. You may refer to us a similar website in your industry , we can take a look, but you can not request us to develop a website that shows dramatically similar to the other. If you request this, we will notify you this possible misconduct and copyright issues, your website may be stopped until this rectified. FireworksIT has no liability for this. Our judgment is final as to the code of conduct, copyrights and ethic of this industry.

Photos and graphics

    It is your responsibility to supply the photos or any kinds of photographic images of the highest quality as possible with proper rights. If you supply poor quality photos or images, we can not turn it into high quality ones. Additional charges may apply if we edit and enhance your photos or images with Photoshop or other tools. You can not supply us the copied images of any kind from other sources without their proper permissions.

RF Licensed Images

    FireworksIT may supply a number of high quality featured images for your products or business that shown on the home page. These kinds of RF Licensed images can be used by anybody as long as you have paid.

Specials and free offers

    The free domain and hosting offer is only valid if you register with FireworksIT and your website is designed by us. Please check its availability at that time. The free maintenance and update for one year, where "maintenance and update" means minor modification of your site.

    For the domain names and hosting specials, they are only valid for new order and registration, they dont cover renewals, i.e. you pay standard price for renewals.

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy, your private or business information will not be disclosed to any third party. we don't keep those information except to contact you or to maintain your website.

Copyright and marks

You must pay out the balance as invoiced when the site complete within 7 days, FireworksIT remains the ownership of designs. This rights will be transferred to you automatically when we have received your payment in full.

Your computer and internet

You should use genuine Microsoft operating system, Window XP, Vista or Windows 7, and keep system updated, or alternatively you can use Firefox as your default browser. If not, you may not view your website properly. Now FireworksIt website design does not support IE6, Minimum requirement is IE7, IE8 or any version of Firefox.

Website hosting or server

FireworksIT is not liable for any loss due to server breakdown, cancellation or any data loss in any form due to technical, miscommunications or not knowlegible or misunderstanding or not understanding at all. FireworksIT reserves the right to terminate the hosting service at our discretion due to your misunderstanding.

Bulk sending emails, email spam

Sending out bulk unsolicited email is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of our service. It is also a regulatory breach of Australian communications law. We reserves the right to suspend a customer's web hosting service in the event where an account is identified as performing an illegal activity. This suspension is necessary in order to protect internet users, as well as maintain the integrity of our services.

Regulatory resource:


Internet is a free media product. If your website is blocked by non free media countries for some reasons or no reason at all, it is not in our control, you should lodge complaint to that country.

Porn or adult websites

For each porn or adult website, FireworksIT does not take any responsibility for any photos on Girls Page or Ladies Page of the website, as every website has an admin, the website owner can add and change photos by themselves. You must run a legal business.

Additional features after production

You need to pay 100% upfront for any add on features, such as JQuery Slide Show to replace Flash Slide Show, etc.


You need to pay 50% deposit to start up, the balance 50% payable on your website complete within 7 days. Fail to pay out the balance within 7 days, it may attract extra charge or website shut down. In case of no deposit paid up front, you need to pay out full amount as per the invoice or face legal action.


FireworksIT holds no liabilities for any websites developed by us due to delay, mistakes, omission or anything that may arises legal or commercial disputes between you and your customers, business profitability or any commercial loss.

Refund Policy and Cease of Development

  1. 50% deposit or full payment will be refunded if FireworksIT is unable to continue or complete your website due to technical reason as agreed in the first consultation.
  2. The 50% deposit or full payment will not be refunded, if during the development , you change your plan or your business.
  3. We find your requests or your website if completed, may breach the law, the code of conduct of the industry , harm to a third party or damage our reputation, you will be notified this issue, the development will be stopped until it is rectified. we hold no responsibilities or liabilities for this due to delay or whatsoever.
  4. The refund can only be made due to our technical or other reasons that we are unable to complete your website.
  5. You will not be refunded if your website is stopped due to non technical requests, non technical request means not knowledgeable request or web illiterate and copy and paste. In some cases you have to pay for the extra time consumed on this issue.
  6. Hosting can be refunded within 30 days, domain name registration is not refundable upon registered.


If we have send you the invoice and the payment has not been made with in 7 days or as indicated on the invoiced date. your website will be closed with or without notice. For some development, such as change over from one server to the other or from elsewhere, partial redevelopment and redesign. the invoice is overdue immediately upon receipt. Continued overdue over 3 days, the website will be closed or deleted. Additional charge may apply to recover or maybe terminated.

The hosting server may also be cancelled as we can not host an unpaid website, that means you may also lose your emails.

SEO and Google

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Even though the design is as to google guideline, but we can not guarantee your website ranking on google. FireworksIT is not Google. Page Ageing and Clicks are also very important factors and new websites are all short of these. The above terms and conditions is a guide only and may change from time to time without notice.