How to start up a website

In general, every business needs a website. The following are steps to get ready. FireworksIT provides Domain name registration, hosting and website design all in one service, it has proved that this streamlined service is quicker and efficient. It is recommended to have domain name and hosting in different place.

  1. Register a domain name with FireworksIT, the domain name is your website name. It is recommended you consult FireworksIT to have a proper and web marketable domain name;
  2. Order a hosting package. If your domain registered elsewhere, you need to transfer domain to us, the domain name server(DNS) needs to be bound to the hosting you ordered. To transfer domain you need Authcode or domain password, which you can obtain from the other registrar. if your website has been designed in overseas with asp and Microsoft Access database, you need to order Window Hosting.
  3. Your home page
    The home page is the most important page on your site. You should put your typical images and contents that most reflect your business.
  4. Products Page
    You need to categorize your products. Category means that you sort out your products into different groups. Each group is a category. Under the category is the group of products of its kind. If you have many products, you can have subcategories, then products.
  5. Contact page
    it explains itself. You have to list your contact details such as email address, phone and mobile no.s and your physical address. People does not trust people who has no address or basic communications. It is specially important for ecommerce.
  6. About Us page
    About Us is about Who you are. You can not get off this page just because some content is duplicated as that on other pages. People does not trust you without knowing who you are. It is specially important for ecommerce.